BESTÅ Bench Home Theater Hack

Materials: BESTÅ Bench, BESTÅ Tofta, Integral Hinge, Integral Damper, BESTÅ Legs

I recently won a new Panasonic 50″ VT25 and Panasonic DMP-BD350 3D Blu-ray player through Panasonic. Well, with the newly added TV I decided to change my Ikea Benno Black/Brown stand and go with something cleaner and simpler to conceal my components.

I enjoyed the small form factor of the BESTÅ Bench (120 cm x 26 cm); however, it only came with a drawer option. This would clearly not work for a home theater scenario. Therefore, I decided to attempt my own Ikea Hack.

BESTÅ Bench – Black/Brown
Article #501.021.95

BESTÅ TOFTA – Gloss Black (x2)
Drawer Front
Article #101.865.97
$35.00 / per = $70.00

Integral Hinge – 2 pack (x2)
$12.00 / per = $24.00
Article #701.323.75

Integral Door Damper – 2 pack (Optional)
Article #801.262.13

BESTÅ Leg Adjustable – 2 pack
$14.00 / per = $28.00
Article #501.341.82

Total = $204.00 + Tax

I began building the BESTÅ Bench until I reached the point of having to assemble the bottom of the bench.

At this point, I drilled 1½” holes through each backing piece. Since the Bench’s purpose is home theater, there will be cables going between each cavity. I also wasn’t keen on drilling through the ~1″ thick center piece, I figured it’d be easier to get 1/8″ backing down the road if I ever changed the purpose of the Bench; so I stuck to my original route of drilling the backing.

After drilling the lower, central corner of each backing piece, I gave each hole a quick file. You could easily acquire the same results with sandpaper, as well.

I also debated the idea of getting a large rubber grommet to finish this off even more, but gave up as it wasn’t something easily accessible at my local Home Depot and would probably require special ordering it online. Since it’s at the back and not visible, I was content with filing it smooth.

Next we need to retrofit the hinges to the BESTÅ Bench. You’ll notice the outer side pieces of the BESTÃ… bench have 5 pre-drilled holes for the drawer rail unit. Coincidentally, the distance between the 5 holes are the same distance as the hinge piece. The only difference is that we will drill 27 mm in the from front edge of each side. There will only be 4 new holes, two top and two bottom, for each hinge.

Use a square to make sure the new holes are in-line with the pre-drilled holes. We will use a 3/16″ bit for the hinges; also, drill at a 12 mm depth. Feel free to mark your drill bit with some tape so you know when you’ve drilled deep enough.

In the image below, you can see how the hinge will position along the side. Make sure you install the Philips head locking nut thinger. (IKEA Part #114927/115264) Once the hinge is secured to the side, you will not be able to fit that piece in anymore.

Next we’ll work on retrofitting the other half of the hinge to the drawer front… Soon to be our door front. Once again, Ikea saved us some work. On the edges of the door fronts Ikea pre-drilled the doors again. You’ll need a square to draw two perpendicular lines on the outer edges of these pre-drilled holes.

Next draw diagonally from corner to corner, where this X intersects is where you will drill out of the European style hinge. With a sharp object, mark just on the other side of this X, closer to the pre-drilled holes.

Use a small bit a drill a quick pilot hole, once again 12 mm is our major number for depth.

Use a 35 mm Forstner bit and drill to the 12 mm depth. You will now begin to see how the European style hinge will fit. You will also have to widen the two pre-drilled holes that flank where you just bored out with the Fornstner bit. For this I used the 3/16″ bit, once again. This will also the two tabs that prevent the hinge from slipping to fit into their respective holes.

Completely install the hinges and attach the new doors!

Finish assembling the BESTÅ bench bottom and install the feet. At this point you can tweak the doors so they are level and symmetrical. Snap on the Integral dampers and enjoy your beautiful work!

The only adjustments I think I’ll be making in the near future, is possibly spraying the legs gloss black. In addition to this, my Harman Kardon AV Receiver is getting quite warm within the enclosed space. I am currently sourcing some cooling solutions as well as adding ventilation grills to the rear of the Bench.

I hope you enjoyed my Ikea Hack! Thank you,


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~ Mitch Cave, Calgary, AB