Modern to Traditional Chairs

Materials: Stefan Chair

What does one do when they love Ikea prices but have a very traditional home? Why whip up a slip cover to turn a $19 Ikea-modernish chair into something perfect in a very traditional home! Here’s how:

1) Cut my standard 54″ wide decorator fabric in half lengthwise.
2) Draped it over the chair and pin it tight along the back of the chair on both sides. I also pinned a little tuck in the fabric where the chair back meets the chair seat. It seemed to need this to make it taught throughout.
3) Slip the fabric off the chair and trim the sides, leaving the portion of the fabric that covers the seat generously sized.
4) Mark location for monogram with a pin and get personalized.
5) Place the fabric back on the chair inside out. Re-pin the sides and tuck mentioned above. Mark in ink along the edge of seat where you want the skirt drop to start. Slip off the chair and sew along the pins.
6) For the pleated skirt, cut 6.5″ strips of fabric and hem the bottoms. Pin the fabric strips, to make pleats, along the ink pen line while inside out.
7) Slip off the chair and sew!

Then sit back and admire your super traditional Ikea chair!

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~ Amanda, Atlanta, Georgia