Stainless Steel coffee table

VIKA HYTTAN table top and LACK side table

Description: 1. Assemble Lack side table with casters.

2. Lay Vika Hyttan table face down.

3. Using a pencil and measuring tape, identify the area where the Lack side table is to be mounted with L brackets.

4. Place the L brackets in their proposed locations and drill the pilot holes with a power drill. 3 L brackets were used on the lateral sides of the Lack side table in this case but you could add a couple more on the front and rear sides if you think it’s necessary.

5. Secure all the screws and voila! The Lack side table as a base provides storage for books, magazines, blankets, etc.

A friend suggested fixing a magnet on the remote control so it never gets lost.

~ Carlos Chavez, Austin, TX