Ikea shoe rack transformed into DJ-furniture

Materials: Stolmen shoe rack (110 cm), Stolmen suspension fitting (or end fitting), Vika Adils leg + wheel paint

Description: I came over two Pioneer CDJ-850 a while ago. Due to lack of space I soon realized I needed some kind of shelf for the cd-players. As the original Pioneer installation plates and arms would end up at $450 I decided to go the DIY way.

After a trip to Ikea I returned with a Stolmen shoe rack, a set of suspension fittings and two, black Vika Adils legs. I later completed the Ikea parts with a spray bottle with black, quick-drying wheel paint.

The working process:
1. Spray-paint all non-black parts and let them dry carefully.
2. Shorten the legs with a hack saw (mine are 45 cm tall). Re-use the feet as a head cover.
3. Assemble the shoe rack. Attach it to the suspension fittings.
4. Mount the suspension fittings on the legs using the providing plastic rings (don’t forget to paint these). Adjust the height after your desire (mine are about 35 cm from the bottom)
5. Mount the DJ-furniture on your desk using the screws from the Vika Amon.
6. Hide unwanted cables with some cable ties.

This DJ-furniture cost me about $50; that’s $400 less than the original Pioneer stands(!).

The best part is how well it fits the CDJ:s. The bottom of the cd-players are just above the front edge and the cdj:s are just as deep as the shelf. Besides you will be able to fit a laptop perfectly fine between the cd-players (to protect your laptop you may want to stick some stick-on floor protectors on the bottom).

~ Erik, Sweden