Ulsberg Updated

Ulsberg Nightstand, decorative paper, foam core board, x-acto knife

Description: This is a really quick and easy hack that makes this simple Ulsberg nightstand into a custom piece that can fit the look of any room.


1. We went to a paper store and chose our favorite one (a nautical map motif).

2. We went to CVS and bought some foam core.

3. Using the glass top as a template, we cut out the paper and foam core board to the exact size of the glass top.

4. Put it all together and voila!

Total Cost: About $40 if you buy your Ulsberg new. (We got ours used, so our total was $23.)

We’ve got a couple of other pieces of paper too, so we can mix up the look whenever we feel like it.

See more of the Ulsberg update.

~ Jennifer Bewerse