Stripped down these IKEA items and the results are fab

I started with two HEMNES pieces — a bedroom end table and the wooden TV stand in black. I picked the TV Console for the size and storage. It also fit my wall proportions perfectly and the drawers give me ample room to keep DVDs, games, controllers as well as extra cables and other sundry items.

IKEA HEMNES in black

I call it the “Rustic Hemnes” hack. It isn’t world changing or revolutionary but I did it because I wanted my wooden TV stand and end table to have a different feel to it than others with the same series from IKEA.

The bedroom end table I picked because all the other end tables I looked at were just way too short for my purposes. I wanted a good height that I could keep next to my sofa and be usable. A nice cup of tea and a place to put my tablet or Chromebook. Since I had also always kept my phone on my old end table with an older IKEA Nordemarke wireless charger I decided that I would add one into the end table to make it a bit more sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

Starting with the end table I took the IKEA hole saw set FIXA and drilled out the spot for the RALLEN charger. Do this before any other sanding so that when you take off the finish you will have a nice smooth edge.

HEMNES end table

Next, I sanded down through the finish on both the tops and the drawer faces making sure to leave the edges untouched. This leaves a nice finished edge to the project. Once the factory finish is gone I resanded the tops down again with a high grit paper to give it a nice super smooth surface. To make this easy I used a belt sander starting with a 60 grit then a 100 grit belt for the final sanding. Follow each step with a wipe down to get rid of any loose dust or grit.

HEMNES end table

I picked a Minwax stain color called Ipswitch to put some light coloring into it. This is because the next upgrade to my place will be the installation of hardwood floors, most likely an Ash color so I think the coloring will go well with it and if not then it’s just a re-sand and restain!

HEMNES end table

Apply stain with a foam brush in light coats letting dry between coats till you get the color you want. Remember you can add more color but you can’t take it off.

Two coats of Minwax Semi-gloss Polyurethane later letting each coat FULLY dry. Between coats, sand with some 220 grit sandpaper using a palm sander to smooth out the finish and get rid of any air bubbles and high spots. Again, follow each step with a wipe down to get rid of any loose dust or grit.

HEMNES end tableHEMNES end table

The finished product is something I am very happy with. Very happy indeed. Rustic HEMNES looks great visually but I am not done with the project yet!

wooden TV stand IKEA HEMNES

Now comes the issue of the rat’s nest of cables I had behind the TV stand. TV, cable, Nintendo, Google Chrome cast, Kindle Fire Stick, HDMI switch, router — that makes for a lot of cables to wrangle!

wooden TV stand IKEA HEMNES

I can’t stand clutter and things being out of place (no matter what my Mother says) so I came up with a very simple way to power everything with just a single cable leading from the unit to the outlet in the corner.

I went to my local computer store (you can get the same at a Home Depot or other hardware store) and picked up a 4’ long 12 outlet power strip. This I mounted to the back frame of the HEMNES frame just below the openings.

Once mounted I was able to simply use cable ties to shorten and run all the power cables to the plethora of outlets now available. After that, I took the time to cable tie all the other video and sound cables to make it a much neater area. Best of all when you look at the unit instead of several cables running to the outlet I have just the single one.

wooden TV stand IKEA HEMNES

wooden TV stand IKEA HEMNES

wooden TV stand IKEA HEMNES

So far the response from my friends that have come over has been great! One of them just put the same unit into his new house’s living room. He loves the idea but is upset since I did it he feels that he can’t now. Even my folks like the results. Mom said she couldn’t envision what I had in mind when I was telling her about the project but she says she really likes the results.

wooden TV stand IKEA HEMNES

Also, I guess IKEA is also liking the results as they have JUST released a white stained bottom with a natural wood top in the HEMNES line!

wooden TV stand IKEA HEMNES

After doing all this work I would change one big thing. I would do my sanding outside!! Due to weather, I was forced to sand the wooden TV stand inside and I am STILL (weeks later) cleaning dust up!

Basic steps to follow

I did my sanding BEFORE I built the end table but the TV console was already built when I sanded the top.

I recommend using a belt sander with 60 grit paper to take off the original finish followed by 100 grit to smooth it out.


Make sure you keep everything clean!! Any dust can cause issues in the stain and especially in the finish stage!!

Apply stain with a foam brush in light coats letting dry between coats till you get the color you want. Remember you can add more color but you can’t take it off.

Apply polyurethane with a foam brush as well to help minimize air bubbles. Let it FULLY DRY then sand with a high grit like 220 wipe clean and then proceed to the next coat. I did two coats.

Overall the project should take 3 days. Sanding only takes about an hour but waiting for the stain and polyurethane to dry can not be rushed.

IKEA Item/Parts list:
  • RÄLLEN Integrated wireless charger, black $12.99 Article Number: 403.602.17
  • FIXA 5-piece hole saw set $4.99 Article Number: 203.023.32
  • HEMNES Nightstand, black-brown $69.00 Article Number: 901.212.34
  • HEMNES wooden TV stand, black-brown $199.00 Article Number: 303.345.06
  • Inland 4’ long 12 outlet power strip $20 Home Depot
  • Sandpaper assorted grits $8.00
  • Assorted foam brushed $5.00
  • Minwax Stain $5.00
  • Minwax Semi Gloss Polyurethane $12.00

Already own the belt and sheet sander so not an extra cost!

~ by Finn