Way back in 06′

Materials: Abstrakt 18″ x 39″ door (as is) $12.00; Vika Oleby (as is) 4 for $6.00; Non-Ikea items: Waddel top plate $2.00 x4, Screw, bolt, insert nuts & gorilla glue $12.00

Description: I built this as my laptop desk back in 2006 or 07′. I can’t remember exactly when. Now it’s my printer station.

In order to safely secure legs to Abstracts 3/4″ thickness, I had to use insert nuts & gorilla glue. Because I purchased the Vika Oleby legs (as is), there was not any extra hardware. I had to purchase extra 4-top plates, a bunch of screws, furniture bolts, washers & insert nuts. The hardware ended up costing more than Ikea materials. $20.00 vs. $18.00. Project total of $38.00.

~ Wycliffe, Toronto, ONT

Jules Yap