Besta by the Door

small space coat landing storage

Materials: 75 5/8″ Besta shelf unit, Antonius clothes rail, 4 3/8″ Grundtal hooks, screws

We needed a narrow piece of furniture to hold our various coats and jackets (you need quite a variety in Seattle) that did not mount to the wall. The Besta shelf was the perfect fit for our pocket-sized entryway.

After building the frame, we lowered all the shelves to the bottom to be used for shoes, bags, etc.

The Antonius clothes rail was a bit long, so after chopping that to the appropriate length, we then attached it to the ceiling of the shelf used long screws drilled in from the top.

small space coat landing storage
Besta landing storage

We chose to leave the back off the shelf because we needed access to the light switches on that wall.

Threw on a couple packages of large Gruntal hooks, and bam! Besta by the Door.

~ Mary McMurray, Seattle, WA

Jules Yap