Dish rack repurposed for paintbrushes

DIY paint brush drying rack

Materials: Magasin

Description: 1. Carefully dismantle IKEA Magasin dish rack assembly as shown in the image. There’ll be three pieces: small, medium, and large.

2. Using a hand saw, cut the legs of the dish rack off the large and small pieces. Set these aside along with the wooden pegs that held the previous assembly together. They will be used to create “clips” with which to brace the paintbrush drying rack.

3. The large and medium pieces form the rack used for drying paintbrushes and rollers. Lay both pieces on a flat surface and slide the large piece (with crossbeams facing up) between the legs of the medium piece (crossbeams facing down).

4. Insert the smallest piece between the connected medium and large pieces so that its cross beams hang off the edge of the table. Once the three pieces are configured to your liking, bind them together with half-inch finishing nails and wood glue wherever two services come into contact.

5. The four legs you set aside earlier will have pre-drilled holes for the wooden pegs. These pieces and pegs will form a clip to prevent the drying rack from tipping over. Create two clips by connecting the sawed-off legs with the wooden pegs. The hinge creates a convenient mechanism with which to determine the appropriate angle to nail and glue the pieces together (see the illustration for an example).

6. Once the clips have been bonded with glue and half-inch finishing nails, fasten them with their hooks facing upward to the first inside rung of the smallest piece.

7. Put your paintbrush drying rack into position onto the table for which it was designed and enjoy your dry, carefully preserved paintbrushes.

~ Daniel B, Canada