Vertical Dish Drainer

Materials: BYGEL wire baskets, hooks and rails; MAGASIN cutlery caddy. Tools: Pliers, Drill, Screwdriver, Wall anchors and screws.

Description: Washing dishes right-to-left is awkward in this space. The wall literally leaves no elbow room.

This layout also leaves kind of a dead wall. Since UP is the way to go in small spaces, I decided to try out a vertical dish drainer.

It’s surprisingly sturdy and functional. I was concerned about the dripping pooling water but, honestly, most of it drips into the sink or onto the stainless ledge.

Using a dish/tea towel takes care of that or you can dry right away. A quick sponge wipe will do it, too!

For larger items, I cover the right-most sink with a cutting board and a microfiber pad made for dish drying. That can be pushed over to catch and absorb any drips from above.

1. Mount rail using appropriate wall anchors and screws.

2. The first basket hangs in the standard fashion. See the close up of how and where to connect the standard hook so that it hangs level and water drops down.

3. Bend standard hooks with pliers, as shown, and insert below third rail. (Hook on left is bent. Hook on right is not.) This pulls the basket tight against the hooks and makes it more stable. If it’s too high on the rungs, it tends to lean out.

Also note, I reversed the orientation so that the closed portion is to the front. This helps keep the longer, heavier items in. It creates a good angle for drops to drip, too!

~ Clayton Smith, San Diego, CA