DIY Nail Head Table

Materials: (2) Ikea Lack tables, Thumb tacks, 4 long screws or nails, 1 small nail, Hammer, Pencil, Straight Edge or ruler

Step 1: Assemble one Ikea Lack table.

Step 2: Attach the table top from the second table and nail it to the bottom of the table just assembled, to create a cube.

Step 3: Draw a straight line along the edge of the table where you want the center of your nail head to be. This will help you to keep a straight line when nailing in your thumb tacks. Use the small nail to start a hole for your thumb tack. Be sure not to nail the nail all the way into the table or your hole will be too big and the thumb tack will fall out. A few taps with the small nail should give you enough to then nail or press your thumb tack into the table.

Step 4: Tap the thumb tack into the hole with the hammer or press it in with your thumb. Repeat this process to complete your design.

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~ Andrea Henderson, Charlotte, NC