EXPEDIT made fancy

Materials: Expedit shelving unit with 4 white door inserts

Description: I originally bought the Expedit shelf and used it as entertainment centre but I hated seeing all the cables and I had way too much stuff in there. I then saw that they started selling the door inserts so I promptly bought 4 to fit into the shelves. However having it all white looked a bit boring.

How I did it:
I went round to all my local DIY shops and took loads of free wallpaper samples

Got home and put them all next to each other until I got a combination of 4 that complimented each other.

To attach the paper to the doors take just the door pieces with out the handle attached

I then use basic wall paper paste and to glue the paper to the doors. I left the doors face down over night with a weight on to make sure I got a nice even finnish.

I then used stronger adhesive (superglue) to glue the paper down over the edges

I then attached the handles for a flawless finish

~ ggc939, UK