Huge Expedit Wall

Expedit 4×4. Expedit 4×2, Expedit 5×5 (chopped up), you need normal assembly tools, a drill, hammer, circular saw and some guts

Description: We decided on a big storage wall for our children’s play-room (and guestroom). After putting two Expedits (4×4 and 4×2) on top of each other we still had a lot of “lost space” on top and on the sides of the case. After watching some hacks on this site we decided to go for it.

We purchased a (used) 5×5 Expedit (for 20 Euros!) just to get the material to complete the hack.

This hack did require some serious skills, especially because on the right side of the case the wall/roof is tilted, and we wanted to make a perfect fit.

I watched this hack and took some of the techniques there to get rid of the double big outside frames when stacked. Stacking two Expedits will give you a double frame on the stacked sides, and we didn’t like that. Now we have only single frames, as you can see on the picture.

After that is was measuring sawing and drilling. Some useful tips you find on this one as well. Like making a mask to drill the holes exactly where they need to be. We raised the case 12 cm by putting a wooden framework under it, so the case seems to hover a bit, which is nice, and now we could extend it over the door as well. Sawing the big frames requires some determination and a good circular saw. But it actually is quite easy. The frames are hollow, so you have to glue some solid wood in the ends to make it strong and after that you can just attach it with wooden dowels/pins, like the ones delivered with the bookcase.

Remember to attach the case firmly on the wall, you don’t want it to fall over, especially with your kids climbing in it! 😉 Anyway, because the ideas and inspiration to start the hack come from watching some of the stuff on this site, I decided to return some and put the result on IKEA hacks as well. Have fun and take care.

~ Jelle, The Netherlands