Home office to reading room

Materials: Effektiv units, Billy bookcase, Benno DVD-tower, Lack side table, Signum cable outlet kit, Valborg cushion cover, Inner cushion, Rundel Wastepaper basket, Ludde Sheepskin, drawer-runners, metal angles

Description: We decided to change our home office into a reading room. The computer desk had to go because we wanted to get a room in which we could chill and read a book without being reminded of work.

We placed four Billy bookcases (31 1/2″) and one Billy (15 3/4″) into the room each enlarged with a height extension unit to have enough space for our books. In the corner we added one Benno DVD-tower to get a transition to the three Effektiv-combinations which should contain our folders and our computer. Our color is beech.

We decided to buy three plinths, five low add-on units and five high add-on units.
In the left part, we integrated our computer. We put a low unit on the plinth and added two high units. The low unit contains our laser-printer and the print-out paper. It is hidden behind two wooden doors. The first high unit contains our computer. I took two Billy extra shelves (had to cut 1/2″ from the width), two pair of drawer-runners and some metal angles from the home improvement store to built one sliding keyboard shelf and one for the scanner. As fronts we selected the roll-front for the middle high units on the left and on the right. All three top high units got aluminum/glass patterned doors. The four low units got drawers with wooden fronts.

In the middle of the room we put an armchair and a footstool (that were in our living room before) and a Lack side table colored in high gloss red which perfectly fits into the room.

The room is illuminated with a Floor up light, a ceiling lamp and three bookcase lights which are mounted on the Effektiv-combination.

Now we can relax with a good book while the computer is hidden behind the roll-front.

~ Carsten, Germany