How to: Use BESTA casters on EFFEKTIV base

Materials: 4 BESTA casters (2 per package), EFFEKTIV base

Description: With Ikea officially halting production of casters for the Effektiv file cabinet line last year, I’ve been on the prowl for a quality looking solution — and this one will be easy-peasy!

1. Purchase 2 sets of 2 BESTA metal casters from Ikea. Item code: 401.341.87 This will run you 20 dollars. Use a small punch or other bolt to act as a driver and, with a hammer, tap out the preinstalled bolt through the bottom of each caster. This might leave a tiny nick in the wheel. The caster is now ready to accept a new bolt.

2. Run by Home Depot’s nuts and bolts section and pick up 4 of the following – bin 3379, 3275, 3109. This will consist of a long bolt, washer and a self-locking nut. Cost is about 6 dollars.

3. Empty Effektiv cabinet and gently place on side. Remove base by unlocking the 4 tightening inset bolts inside the bottom box. If you’ve yet to assemble your tower, all the the better.

4. Thread a bolt through the slightly loose washer and then through one of the 4 holes in the base. The bolt should be facing down, towards the floor side of the base. Now slide the prepared caster onto the bottom and through the bolt. A tiny space is available between the wheel caster top where you can insert and lightly tighten by hand the self-locking nut. Using a set of wrenches or needle-nose pliers, you’ll be able to lock and hold the bolt as you tighten the nut. Once tightened, repeat 3 more times.

Please note: The original feet accept a supplied bolt with a Y neck, which means the hole on the top side of the base is kind of wide. That’s what the washer is for. But keep in mind to do your best to have the caster off center and inset. This will ensure that when the file cabinet is installed on top of the base, that the boards clear the washer. You’ll see what I mean in the photos.

~ Paul Grant, Toronto, Ontario