How-to: Ledberg Lighting wiring hack

soldering iron, solder, flux, heat shring tubing

The Ikea Ledberg lighting is great but not flexible. All you can do is connect it as one long strip from the package. If you want to connect the strips some distance apart, you have to get creative.

If you are careful you can remove the plastic connector and re solder it to a length of wire to allow the light to be moved and still work as a plug in to the strip. I took my soldering iron and melted the little circular tab about one inch in from the connector block to remove the strip from the plastic case and very carefully un soldered the connector.

I re soldered wire to the light strip and replaced it in the plastic case. If you re heat the original tab, it will hold the strip in place. I then re soldered the connector onto the wire and covered the connections and connector with heat shrink tubing. Be careful to match the polarity of the wire when re doing the connections. You can add as much wire as you need and place the light strips wherever you want.

~ John B, Fort Lauderdale, FL.