Lack Tables Tiled

Materials: 2 Lack side tables, 1 small can of primer suitable for laminate surfaces, 1 can of textured spray paint, 7 packs of glass tiles, 1 box of tile setting mat, 1 small tub of grout, 1grout sponge, and 1grout float.

Description: 1. The first thing we did was coat each table with 2 coats of primer.
2. We spray painted the legs, sides and a little into the top of each table with a copper colored textured spray paint. (I think it would have been better to sand the table before applying the spray paint.)
3. The spray paint needed to sit for 2 days before we could work with it. So after that time passed we cut and applied the tile setting mat to each table. Each table used about 3 sheets. The instructions for the mat will let you know which side should be against the table and which side should be against the tiles.
4. Since we chose square glass tiles it was easier to cut along the mesh to get the sizes we wanted, then we exposed the other adhesive side of the setting mat and simply pressed the tiles into it. We let that sit for a day before we applied the grout.
5. We chose sanded grout because we wanted to contrast that texture with the smoothness of the tiles, and using the grout float we applied the grout to the tiles. I have to admit that this was the least enjoyable part of the project and I will probably never grout again.
6. Finally we used a damp grout sponge to clean the haze off of the tiles and when everything was all dry we wiped the tables down with a dry cloth for a final clean up.

Over all we are very happy with the finished product.

~ Nik