Metal night stand

Helmer bed stand

Helmer, Capita, drill, grinder

Description: We stumbled onto the Helmer and thought it would be perfect as a night stand with 6 drawers for all out stuff. However, with our bed being so high off the ground and the lowest drawer being pretty much on the floor, it didn’t seem like it would work. But my wife loves the look of the Helmer (especially when our Edland is white, the red really pops). So I decided to buy the Helmer along with a box of 4″ Capita

Helmer bed stand
Helmer bed stand
Helmer bed stand

1.) assemble the Helmer as per the instructions
2.) use a 3/8″ drill bit to make holes on the corners of the base
3.) use grinder to cut the thread portion of the Capita plates
4.) Thread the bolt into the new holes
5.) screw the legs on to the Helmer

I am contemplating if I should mount a Jansjo on the side of the Helmer using the same method as the legs. Since it is a night stand, might as well have a reading light.

~ Roy, Vancouver

Jules Yap