Pax Built-Ins (The Tall Doors!)


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Materials: 3 Pax Wardrobes and Birkeland Doors

Description: Thanks to all previous hackers for their advice and pictures. It inspired us to save $7K on ‘custom’ closets and give it a go with PAX. Worked out great…for $1K.

1) Build the base. This is primarily to get the closet level – but also useful if you have baseboard trim to match.

2) Build and install boxes one by one. 2 people required.

3) Finish sides and ceiling with 2×2′ attached to the studs/joists, drywall, and plaster.

4) Finish base trim in front of platform you built (6″). We added a base cap to this to ‘hide’ some of the Pax box look.

5) Lastly, paint and add some meaty door hardware for these sizes of doors (93″ high).

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The middle box in this pictures includes two drawer units inside – and elec/cable/cat5 in top section for eventual TV.

~ Drew, Boston

Jules Yap