Thank Godmorgon all my jewelry fits!

Materials: Godmorgon Wall Cabinet with 2 doors, Satta Knobs, 8X10 Picture Frame, Ring Foam Pad, Cup Hooks, Earrings Holder

Description: I wasn’t happy with the amount of space I had with my previous jewelry cabinet, especially with the lack of space for my long necklaces. Since I am not willing to pay $300 plus for a jewelry armoire I decided to hack one. I got my inspiration from the “Best Jewelry Closet EVER!” post but I needed storage for more than just necklaces.

Before assembling the Godmorgon cabinet:
1. Measure and poke holes in the backing where you want to place the knobs for chunky necklaces.
2. Using a wire cutter, cut the screws for the knobs so when the knobs are screwed on they are not too long and screw the knobs on the inside of the back.
3. Measure on the door where you want to place the cup hooks for chain necklaces and drill holes about 1/4 to 1/2 of the way through.
4.(Optional) Make the cup hooks’ opening larger with wire cutters and smooth them with a metal file. (I felt that the cup hooks were too curved and closed, if that makes sense)
5. Screw in the hooks.
6. Remove the glass from the picture frame, cut the ring foam pad to size and glue it in the back of the picture frame, and put it back in the frame.
7. Nail a picture hook to the door and hang the frame. You can stabilize the frame by using adhesive pads (ex. Command Strips), or hold it with the earring holder like I did.
8. Attach earring holder according to the manufacturer’s directions.
9. Assemble cabinet, place shelves and organize.

* Before deciding where to place the things on the doors make sure the the shelves will not interfere with them. I was only able to use 2 shelves.
* If you decide to hang your rings like I did make sure that the foam pad is the one with slits in the foam and not rolls (they will probably not hold the rings vertically).

~ Ana K., Davie, FL