VIKA GRUVAN Coffee Table


Description: Materials:
– 1 IKEA VIKA GRUVAN Table Top 140*70cm
– 1 IKEA VIKA AMON Table Top 120*60cm
– 1 IKEA VIKA AMON Table Top any-length*60cm
– black paint (Optional)
– 4 long wood screws
– 6 pairs of cam lock and screw + 4 wood dowels
OR, several L brakets

– drill
– saw, I rented a circular saw
– screw drivers

I couldn’t find a coffee table I like at IKEA… most of them are just too small or too low for my need, but I can certainly picture one I like in my head! So here we go, my first IKEA hack!

1. Cut the any-length*60cm VIKA AMON into three pieces. The two outer piece will be used as legs so where to make the cuts is entirely up to you.

2. These table tops are actually hollow inside… so for stability I’d suggest filling it with something solid. There is a useless piece of wood in the VIKA GRUVAN package that you can use by cutting it in half. That piece alone isn’t thick enough. I had some thin wooden panels laying around, so I did some more cutting, glued them all together and tuck it in.

3. Take the two legs and paint the brown side black. This step is optional since the brown (or painted black) side should be facing in anyway. It shouldn’t look too bad without painting.

4. Assemble VIKA GRUVAN. Set the glass panel aside and lay the table upside down.

5. Now it’s time to join VIKA GRUVAN with the 2 VIKA AMON legs. These two legs should be 120cm apart. There are two ways of doing this: you could use L brackets; OR if you choose to go with cam lock and screws, there will be a lot of measuring and drilling to do and you HAVE TO be very precise, but the result looks a lot cleaner. A total of 26 holes are required: 10 below VIKA GRUVAN, 10 on top of the 60cm edge of legs, 6 on the side of the legs.

6. Flip the table over, slide the 120cm VIKA AMON in between the legs. Drill and secure them with 2 wood screws on each side.

That’s it! Hope you enjoy this hack =)

~ Charlie S, Calgary, Canada