Vika corner desk and banish cable clutter

Materials: 2 Vika Amon tables, 7 Vika Curry legs

Description: (This “hack” combines 2 hacks seen here and here at IKEAhackers)
Goal: Remove 1 table leg at inside corner, stabilize with steel plate and organize computer cables rat nest

For desk:
drill, hole saw drill bit
2 “as-is” Vika Amon tables $10 each
7 legs @ 5$ each
1 steel plate ~ $7 at homedepot
14 screws

For cables:
cable management “grommet”
cable ties
wire basket $5 at staples
plastic electric cable organizers to attach basket to table
cable sleeve

1. Turn tables upside down
2. Remove inside table leg
3. Position steel plate (lumber connector from Home Depot) longitudinally across seam. Pre-drill holes. (I did 7 on each side)
4. Screw in
5. Flip over
6. Drill out hole for cable grommet
(used a “hole saw bit” to start the hole, then a hack-saw to finish the hole
7. Insert cable grommet
8. Cover bottom of hole with tape to protect wires (for now)

For the cable organizing portion….
1. Mount power strips on the wall
2. Pre-drill 4 holes for wire basket
3. Screw in 2 screws for basket,
4. Fill basket with routers, etc
5. Screw in remaining 2 screws


~ gmxray, Boston

Jules Yap