Zigzag Fullen Bar

chevron bar cabinet

Materials: Fullen Sink Cabinet, Metrik Handles

Description: We have a nook in our apartment that’s too small to fit a bar cabinet. My husband and I are classic cocktail fans and we needed a place to store some of our bottles and a place to display our tiki glasses. The Fullen sink cabinet was small enough to fit in the space.

chevron bar cabinet

1. The legs were grey plastic which looked cheap so I painted them with Martha Stewart Polished Silver Metallic Paint.

2. I got my hardware store to cut a board into a 23″ x 15.5″ rectangle for the top, which I painted white and topped with a coat of clear acrylic.

3. I attached the top to the base with contact cement.

4. The chevron pattern was made from wood grain contact paper. I drew one zigzag onto the Fullen box and cut that out as my template to trace onto the contact paper. I did one door at a time, but I wish my contact paper had been wide enough to go all the way across so that it wasn’t so difficult to match up the doors.

5. I attached the doors to the cabinet and used an Xacto knife to make the pattern on the two doors match.

5. Drilled holes to attach what I think are Metrik handles.

~ Heather Sherrod, Houston, Texas