Aqua Kristaller

Materials: Kristaller Chandelier, paints, Aqua prisms – beads and French cuts

Description: The Ikea Kristaller is not extremely good-looking, and can be steely cold.

I stripped off all the glass prisms, sprayed a layer of primer and painted over it with Folk Art ‘Coastal Blue’ acrylic paint.

I replaced some of the original clear prisms with aqua-coloured ones. The Almonds were replaced with the french cuts.

I added more beads at the base to let the french cut prisms to droop lower, thus a more elegant look.

I added 6 more french cuts in the middle so the chandelier looks fuller (and less of that budget-look).

Sorry folks, clear incandescent bulbs, although not energy-saving, give the best sparkles. You can see the sparkles on each of the glass prism.

The next thing is to wait for the prices of LED bulbs to fall further before I replace the bulbs.

~ Wai Hoong, Singapore

Jules Yap