Flower Chandelier for a sweet kid’s playroom

I hacked the IKEA KRISTALLER into a flower chandelier for my oldest daughter, Kim, 8 years ago. I decided to make a similar one for my daughter Romy.

The whole hack doesn’t take long. I spent an afternoon and evening getting it done. The chandelier, paint and decorations cost around 80€.

IKEA items used:
  • IKEA Kristaller
Other materials and tools:

Flower Chandelier For Kid's Playroom

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Hack instructions for flower chandelier

First things first, I carefully took off all crystal chains from the chandelier.

Before getting started, I took a picture of the chandelier so I’ll know where the chains go once I finished the hack.

I also taped the chains to a cardboard and noted where they go.

Flower Chandelier For Kid's Playroom

Then, I covered the sockets and went outside to spray paint the chandelier. Once the paint was dry I started with the actual hack.

Flower Chandelier For Kid's Playroom

I began with the flower tendrils wrapping them around the chandelier branches from top to bottom, so the flowers would hang down.

After that, I used the transparent string to bind them to the chandelier. Next I wrapped a bead chain around the stick in the middle fixing it at top and bottom.

Flower Chandelier For Kid's Playroom Flower Chandelier For Kid's Playroom

It was Christmas time and I found a purple lametta chain while hunting for decorations. I measured and cut the chain into 3 pieces and glued the parts around the bulb sockets.

Once the glue was dry, I reattached the crystal chains. I decided to leave off the bottom ones and rearranged the smaller chains to my liking. As a final touch, I attached some blue butterfly clips to the flower tendrils.

Flower Chandelier For Kid's Playroom

Tada! The flower chandelier hack was finished.

Flower Chandelier For Kid's Playroom

I like that it adds a bit of greenery and spring feeling in the kid’s bedroom. Also the individuality.

The hardest part of the hack was taking off and reattaching those crystal chains.

~ by Vanessa

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