Artful Expedit

Materials: Ikea Expedit Bookcase, 4 mm screw eyes, 1/2″ cup hooks, 12×12 canvases

Description: I love my Ikea Expedit bookcase but I wanted to hide some of my unsightly clutter (like ratty library books and student papers waiting to be graded).

I painted five 12×12 canvases with some DIY “art” and affixed them to my Expedit with screw eyes and cup hooks, so the paintings act like swinging doors.

Install was simple:

1. My Hubby & I measured where the hooks should go, marking the measurement on tape instead of the shelf.

2. We installed the hooks using pliers, then removed the tape.

3. We added two screw eyes to each canvas – carefully measuring the distance each time because the canvases aren’t 100% uniform.

The “doors” easily swing or come off to access what is behind, but hide the clutter and general ugliness that lurks behind perfectly. And the whole project cost less than one Ikea Expedit door.

See more of the artful Expedit.

~ Tanya, Canada