Built in desk better than anything we could buy

Materials: Lagan countertop, plywood cleats, misc tools

Description: My wife and I were looking for a pair of desks to put in our home office. We combed over Ikea’s inventory but didn’t find anything that would work well… until we got to the counter tops. Sheets of Lagan butcher block are very inexpensive and they look great. Here’s how we hung three of them on the wall:

1. Create plywood cleats around the perimeter of the room and two arms to support the center span (and the seems between the three Lagan sheets).

2. Glue the counter top end-to-end using urethane glue and pocket screws as clamps

3. Install the countertops, securing them from below with screws through oversized holes.

4. Finish with polyurethane and drill holes for cable grommets.

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The desk is rock solid and now we have twelve feet of workspace!

I made a video to illustrate how the support structure goes together.

See more of the Lagan countertop workstation.

~ Mike Szczys, Madison, WI