Chevron rug DIY

Materials: Ikea Erslev rug, acrylic paint, tape, paintbrush, pencil

Description: After letting the rolled up rug relax for a few weeks to remove any kinks, I vacuumed and measured out my pattern.

I cut a “V” template out of a cardboard scrap, then started marking off the stripes using the template as a guide. I used green frog tape to tape off the lines, making sure to press firmly to avoid any seepage.

I mixed basic acrylic craft paint with textile medium at a 2:1 ratio as directed on the bottle, and went to painting.

I initially used a foam brush, which wasn’t the best for coverage. After switching to a bristle brush, the paint was much more evenly applied.

I let it dry, removed the tape, and voila!

It cost me about $50 –much better than the Jonathan Adler alternative, and I got to customize the scale & color.

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~ Micki, Atlanta

Jules Yap