Dioder – from cold to warm white LED light

Materials: Dioder (4 round spots), yellow plastic cover, screwdriver and scissors

My wife an I puzzled over on how to get some light into our winter garden (conservatory).

We didn’t want to ruin our new winter garden by drilling screws into the metal construction. So we searched for an alternative, that is small, easy to attach and casts a nice warm light.

During a shopping trip at IKEA we found the Dioder Spots, but they have a hard and rather cold white light. After some thinking I was sure I can teach them how to shine nice and warm.

Because LEDs don’t get hot, one can unse various technics to change the whitish light. First I thought of some paint I could put on the LED, but then I discovered a yellow plastic cover… bingo!

Here is how to hack the LEDs:

First I dismantled the silver holding from the white lamp by turning the lamp counter-clock-wise.

Next I needed a small screwdriver to open the LED board. Don’t be afraid, the LED board is very sturdy and with a small screwdriver you won’t need much strength to open them.

Thirdly, I used some cardboard to make a model from the inside of the white plastic cover. It was a round piece about 2.6cm in diameter. With that template it was easy to cut the plastic cover into the round inset.

Now I put the inset between the white plastic and the LED board and closed everything… viola!

On the photos, you can see the difference between the original white and the new warm white LED-light.

~ Stephan Messer

Jules Yap