Ekby Alex Writing/Sofa Table

IKEA Ekby Alex desk

Materials: Ekby Alex & Vika Lage/Moliden

Description: I was in search for a very small writing table, but could never find one that would fit my small space. I’ve seen the Ekby used a few times, but not in the combo I ended up using (at least not yet).

Anyway all you need is the Ekby Alex & either the Vika Lage/Moliden legs. It’s pretty simple, attach the legs to the Ekby. I pre-drilled the holes to prevent the wood from being damaged further. After I put it together I noticed it was a little tall, not too bothersome though. I have my chair on the highest setting and it’s comfortable. This could also be used as a sofa table. When I rearrange I plan on trying it out as that.

~ Carolyn, TX