Turn an IKEA TINGBY Side Table into a Movable Printer Stand

printer stand storage cabinet on wheels
Photo Credit: Julianne @lovelyhomecouture

First-time IKEA hacker Julianne recently shared a clever project on her Instagram @lovelyhomecouture – she transformed an IKEA TINGBY side table into a movable printer stand with a nifty closed storage cabinet. This hack is a great way to customize your home office storage space.

The TINGBY comes in two sizes, and Julianne chose the smaller one, which looks cute under her desk and blends with her home office furniture. But this DIY project can work with either size.

Materials Needed:

Photo Credit: IKEA.com
  • IKEA TINGBY side table with swivel caster wheels
  • IKEA RÖDEBY armrest tray x 3
  • IKEA HACKÅS cabinet pulls
  • Magnetic door catch
  • Construction adhesive
  • Battery-powered screwdriver

How to hack a movable printer stand storage cabinet:

Photo Credit: @lovelyhomecouture
  1. Assemble the TINGBY side table with casters following the IKEA instructions.
  2. Take the RÖDEBY armrest tray and drill holes in the last bamboo strip to mount the HACKÅS cabinet pulls. You’ll need to do this on two RÖDEBY armrest trays.
  3. On the TINGBY, install the magnetic door catches where the “doors” will be located.
  4. Flip the TINGBY on its side. Apply construction adhesive along the top and bottom edges.
  5. Center the RÖDEBY “door” on the front of the TINGBY and press the bamboo slats down firmly. Repeat for the other side and back. Let the adhesive cure fully.
  6. On the inside of the RÖDEBY, install the corresponding metal pieces for the magnetic catches.

Now, you have a movable and customized printer stand. Julianne’s first IKEA hack is simple but effective – with just a few inexpensive additional items, she repurposed the TINGBY into a printer stand with storage for office supplies.

Customizing Storage for Any Space

Beyond housing a printer, this movable cabinet provides versatile storage options to fit your needs. Some other ideas for customizing it include:

  • Office supplies cabinet – Add dividers and organizers made from cardboard or scrap wood to store pens, paper clips, notepads, and more on the shelf. Or use the space for file storage and hide the clutter.
  • Craft storage – Line the inside with magazine file holders to store crafting materials like swatches, threads, and paper samples. Label the file holders for different supplies. Stack two TINGBY side tables vertically to store even more.
  • Bathroom cabinet – Use it to corral bathroom essentials under the sink, like toilet paper, towels, and cleaning products. The casters allow easy access.
  • Bedside table – In a small room, this makes a great nightstand to hold books, lamps, and alarm clocks within reach of the bed.
  • Living room side table – Store your remotes, device chargers, and more with this TINGBY side table with doors.
  • Printer supplies – Place the printer on top and use the closed shelving space to store printer paper, toner, and ink cartridges.

With a few simple modifications, you can turn a regular side table into a customized storage solution tailored to your needs.

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