Expedit (Computer) Desk

Materials: 1 x Expedit Shelving Unit (2×2; 601.352.99); 1 x Expedit Desk (601.160.69); Opt.: 1 x Besta (401.021.48) + 1 x Inreda (= drawer for Besta; 701.050.27) or some ‘Expedit-Stuff’ like drawer or something…

Description: I was looking for a low-priced Computer-Desk. On my way through the internet I saw the ‘Sitting + Standing Desk Combo‘ by ‘Keith Rozario, Malaysia’ and liked it at first sight. I took the “sitting part” and modified it a little:

As already mentioned the Expedit Desk is originally designed for the 2×4 or the 4×4 Expedit Shelving Unit.

To put a 2×2 Unit with the desk together, you’ll need some brackets.
I used the remaining brackets which we’re intended for wall-mounting of the 2×2 Unit. (Even though you can use those brackets, you should use some better wood-screws!)

The desk is not as high as the shelf (Desk: 76cm/ Sh.Unit: 79cm). Fortunately it is adjustable in height by only two “screws”. Unfortunately the “screws” in the package are not long enough. 🙁

I used Screws with a length of 7cm. The length is dependent on the distance to the ground to keep the desk in the same level as the shelf.

Note: The screws can be covered with a good looking pipe, tube or something.

That’s it for the desk.

As you can see, I modified the 2×2 unit so I can use it as a computer storage (Image 3).
For this I have rotated the rack cross around 90 degrees so that the long board is vertically mounted.
I’ve omitted one of the small boards to get the right space for my computer.
I chose this option because the desk stands in the corner of the room and I needed a place for my computer (and legs^^).

Note: The wooden peg in the middle of the long board can be cut and dyed black. 😉

If the desk is to be used without a computer (or maybe only with a Laptop or something), the 2×2 unit can -originally- also be used as storage space with all the Expedit-Stuff like drawers or something.

In my case, it serves as storage for the computer, external hard disk(s) and power strip (Image 3 was taken before I adjusted the cables^^).

I’ve created additional space for storage with Shelf “Besta” on top of the 2×2 unit.

I think, it is an low-priced desk with potential!

~ Marcus H., Karlsruhe, Germany