Expedit cutting table on wheels

IKEA Expedit cutting table

Expedit (3 each of 2×2), casters (4 or 5), two sheets of plywood, screws, wood joiner, L-brackets

1. Prep the plywood first, according to instructions because the drying time can be long. I used stain + lacquer and it took 2-3 days total with drying time. And I only did the parts that will be visible when assembled.

2. Assemble the Expedits according to instructions.

3. Attach the casters to the 31×46.5 plywood. I used 5 casters: one at each corner and one in the middle. My plywood bows a little, but the weight of the bookcases flattens it. (OPTIONAL: Glue/screw/nail the plywood squares at the caster locations. This will raise the table by the thickness of the plywood (mine is 5/8″).). Now you have the base.

4. Place the Expedits on to the base. Two back-to-back, and one at the end. Try to make everything fit as nicely as possible. Mine didn’t fit perfectly square (I blame it on Ikea engineering), but close enough that it doesn’t bother me. (OPTIONAL: Glue down the Expedits to the base so they don’t shift. I skipped this part, because I thought they were heavy enough to resist shifting and I want to be able to disassemble the unit to get it of the room. Just in case. Otherwise, the only way out would be through the window, and that thing is heavy.)

5. Use wood joiners to attach the Expedits to each other. I used 6 total although more won’t hurt.

6. Attach the top plywood to the Expedits using L-brackets. I used 6… 3 each at the long side.

See more of the Expedit cutting table.

~ rita