ExpeditInvaders: Light up your Expedit

Materials: Expedit Bookcase

Description: An Expedit that changes colours according to your moods? Why not? Michu added some LED mod­ules controlled by an Arduino behind the bookcase and now, it practically dances with 10 color sets (RGB, Rasta, CGA, Brazil, Fizz, Kitty, Neon, Lantern, Lem­ming, LeBron) and 6 ani­ma­tion modes (ran­dom, solid, ordered, check­board, weird, weirdtwo).

Best thing yet, you can change the color set or ani­ma­tion mode with a flick of your toes on the PS2 key­board attached under the bookcase. The key­board has a spe­cial key map installed, if a key on the left side is pressed the color set change, if a key on the right side is pressed the ani­ma­tion will change.

For steps on how to create this, click the ExpeditInvaders.

~ Michu, Switzerland