FAKTUM back rest for NORDEN bench

3 FAKTUM wall cabinet with HÄRLIG doors in white (50 cm x 70 cm), 2 PERFEKT cabinet cover in birch (99 cm), IKEA STOCKHOLM BLAD fabric, cellular material (for ex. VYSSNA SLAPPNA mattress), spray glue, self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape

In my new apartment I needed some back rest for my NORDEN bench and also some more space for things like candles, table cloth and napkins. I couldn’t really find some piece of furniture that could fulfill my wish so I thought of working on something myself.

My first thought was: FAKTUM. I knew it isn’t that expensive. So, what you need is 3 FAKTUM wall cabinets with simple doors. Screw them to the wall. Then screw the cabinet covers to the sides. I took the ones, that are longer so you can hide things under the cabinet (like the bench).

Afterwards I made the cushions to lean your back against. You need 3 50 cm x 70 cm cellular material/foam and some fabric (I just love the IKEA STOCKHOLM BLAD). Cut the fabric into bigger pieces than the foam is so you can place it around the edges an glue it at the back.

I placed the fabric on the floor, then put the foam on it, sprayed the glue at the edges and stuck the fabric onto it. At the end you’ll just need to place the cushions with self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape to the cabinet doors.

That’s it. It didn’t really took a lot of time and isn’t that expensive.

~ Kerstin, Berlin