Geometric coffee table

Materials: GROGGY Tray, stainless steel (Art #100.183.25), BRANAS Basket, rattan (Art #401.384.30), Mozaic ceramic/glass tile (etc. from Leroy Merlin), Bolts x4, Glue for ceramic

Description: Rattan basket to detachable from the bottom. Drill 4 holes in the tray at the base – the basket. At the edges of the bottom basket should also be drill four bolt holes. Tray through the holes will be attached to the basket bolts.

Attach the screws to the bottom tray baskets.

Arrange and glue the mosaic on the metal tray with adhesive. Use geometric patterns.

PS: For elegance can wipe grout joints for mosaic tiles.

~ Maxim “Tusken” Grebennikov, Russia, Roston-on-Don

Jules Yap