Gigantic Expedit-Bookcase

Materials: 6 * 4×4-Expedits, 1 * 4×2-Expedits, 6 * Perfekt cover panels

We live in a 19th century Prussian residential house in the historic city center of Erfurt, a 1270 year old town in central Germany. Our apartment has a ceiling height of 3.5 meters (11.5 feet), and we decided that the library/home office would be perfect for a large bookcase. As big fans of IKEA, a solution based on their furniture was mandatory 🙂

Step-by-step guide for our 12×9 Expedit:

1. Build three 4×4-Expedits next to each other without the top plank. Anchor it to the wall.

2. Use the Perfekt cover panels to cut three new shelves to replace the top plank (size: 149cm x 39cm). Drill 10 plunge holes for the wooden dowel pins.

3. Erect the next three 4×4-Expedits without bottom and top plank thereupon. Anchor it to the wall.

4. Repeat Step 2.
5. Cut the side panels of the 4×2-Expedit and horizontal boards to create the top row of the bookcase (height: 33.6cm). Additional plunge holes for the dowel pins are necessary, as well.
6. Attach three top planks to finish the book cases.

~ Thomas Herre, Erfurt, Germany