How to Make a Storage Bed Using an Ikea Expedit Bookcase

Materials: – One 4 x 4 grid Ikea Expedit bookshelf (lots of choices for cheap on craigslist) – One full size mattress – 2 sheets of 3/4′ thick plywood cut to 38″ wide x 58″ long – Velcro – White paint (optional)

1: Paint the tops and sides of your two sheets of plywood (don’t worry about the bottoms) to match the color of your bookcase. This step is really optional since you really won’t be able to see the sheets if you have bedding that covers the sides of your bed. Allow the paint to dry.

2: First, lay your bookcase on its side. Then, place your two sheets of plywood on top of it so that they form a platform. Line up the seam where the two sheets meet with the middle shelf of the bookshelf’s grid. Width wise, they should overlap the bookcase by just a few inches so that there is a lip for your fingers to catch when you need to lift them up and access your stuff. Lengthwise, they should overlap the edges of the bookshelf by about 9″ on either side. Once you’re satisfied with your configuration, move on to step 3.

3: Technically this step is optional too but it helps keep the wooden panels locked nicely in place. With your configuration set up just the way you like it, look underneath the overhang of your plywood sheets and use a pencil to mark an outline of the bookshelf on the undersides of the panels. Then remove the sheets of plywood and cut eight 2″ pieces of Velcro. Adhere the Velcro to the top edges of your bookcase in eight equally spread out locations and then peel off the sticky backs. Finally, replace the plywood sheets ever so carefully and press down so that they stick.

4: Flip up the wooden panels again and fill up your new storage bed with items you want to store.

5: Place your mattress on top and set up your sheets and bedding. That’s it!

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~ Clossette, United States

Jules Yap