iPhone 4 Camera Mount from Ikea Desk Lamp

Materials: 2 * 70mm M5 bolt; 8 * M5 nut; 2 * 70mm * 10mm * 2mm aluminium bar; 2 * suction cup (I used suction cup hooks and removed the hook parts); 1 * Ikea Tertial lamp; Drill / Drill press; 5mm, 3.5mm drill bits; Flat head screw driver; Pliers

Description: Drill 2 * 5 mm holes about 10 mm in from each end of the aluminium bars.

In one of the bars, drill 2 * 3.5mm holes to match the lamp mount

Remove the wire and the whole lamp assembly from the lamp. Retain the bolts that attach the mount to the lamp head.

Using pliers, slightly bend the mount so the bolt holes are flat.

Using the saved lamp bolts, bolt the 4 hole piece of aluminium bar to the lamp.

Bolt the suction cups to the 2 hole piece of aluminium bar with the 70mm bolts and 4 nuts.

Using 4 more nuts, bolt the suction cup part to the lamp mount, and you’re all done!

Enjoy your new steady filming! Also works really well for mounting the iPhone as a video podcast camera.

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~ Andy Bennett, Southampton, UK