Japanese inspired shoji lamp

DSC00257 796972
DSC00257 796972

Materials: Ikea TEXTUR floor lamp

Description: My initial goal was to get a shoji type lamp to light up my living room, but because none that fit my taste were available in my country at reasonable pricing, I resorted to the next best thing: Making it myself.

textur 798804I wanted to keep the hassle to a minimum, so I set out to find an actual lamp for the base. I found the Ikea TEXTUR floor lamp to fit my visualization the best.

I bought a couple of pine strips (~2×2 cm) for the four legs and cut them down to 180 cm in length. I used a slightly thicker piece (~2×5 cm) for the cross base in the middle. I rounded the corners of the legs, pre-drilled two holes for each, through to the base, and screwed the whole thing together.

DSC00256 700543

After sanding the abomination (along with the silvery plastic ring sections of the TEXTUR lamp), I bought a metal primer and some black metal paint: I went with metal paint because I needed it to stick to the plastic.

I gave the whole thing primer twice with a small roller (the plastic rings became a bit gritty though, so I primed those a couple of times more and smoothed the surface with a fine sanding sponge). Then I gave the whole thing black painting, also with the roller, till it was nice and even. Three or four layers I think.

Then I assembled the TEXTUR lamp inside the construct (and removed a metal weight plate in the foot, that I deemed too heavy).

I also replaced the dimming slider with an ordinary switch, because the bulbs didn’t seem to get the full effect, even on maximum. There’s five LED bulbs in it, each 2 Watts and emitting 140 lumens of light.

This baby sucks a whopping 10 Watts!

~ Martin Malmer, Denmark

Jules Yap