KVART lamp for ALVE corner office ceiling

lighting for corner desk

Materials: KVART for desk or for wall; ALVE desk

1- Disassemble the KVART lamp and take off the original wiring;


2 – Drill a hole in the center and top of the ALVE desk, near the door stops and insert the KVART original fixing holed screw with the washer and nut from behind. (When I did mine I had to cut the KVART for desk because I think the wall version didn’t exist. To be able to screw it again I welded a bit from the end where to screw it and spray painted it in Ford Fiesta grey 🙂 )


3 – Measure the new wire you will need, taking in account the position where you will have the switch (you can put a door switch).



4 – I drilled a small hole in the back of the ALVE and passed the wire from the top to the inside and used the original switch screwed from its back (it can be opened). The wiring had to be soldered. You can also use a different switch or the original one making a connection from the original wire to the new wire.