Key and letter holder all in one

Materials: Fläta storage rack for writing materials, VARDA or BEHANDLA glazing paint, piece of wood, 3 BLECKA hooks, 2 hangers (from a construction market), gold paint

Description: I needed something to organize my keys and letters so I thought of working something myself. I had some piece of wood left over. I glazed this with the VARDA glazing paint which I actually use for my outdoor furniture (it works with the BEHANDLA the same but I like the color of VARDA and it fits better to the furniture in the corridor).

The glaze was very quick dry. Then I nailed the 2 hangers at the back. Afterwards I srewed the 3 BLECKA hooks and the Fläta storage rack for writing materials on to the glazed wood. At last I decorated it with the gold paint (I have a template for the boubonic lily). And that’s it. I had a lot of fun and it didn’t really cost a lot of time and money because every material was a leftover.

~ Kerstin, Berlin