Large Format Media Solution

IKEA Large Format Media Solution


Description: I love IKEA’s TV Stand selection. Very simple, functional, and inexpensive… At least for the smaller Home Theaters out there. For those of us with larger TV’s, speakers, gaming systems, set-top boxes, etc. The only solution(s) IKEA have that work get very pricey; not to mention they don’t have the same simplistic feel as the rest of their selection.

So I set out to create a TV stand to house a 51″ Plasma, (2x)Bookshelf Monitors, and multiple Media controllers. And spend roughly $200. Did I mention this would be my very first IKEA hack?

Well, I ended up with this. It is an EXPEDIT Shelving Unit supported by a set of BESTA legs. I used Gorilla Glue and wood srews to mount them. For the raised platform I used a 78″ VIKA AMON table top and CAPITA countertop brackets. This provided to be a perfect fit for the TV and speakers while maintaining a good proportion with the EXPEDIT Shelving unit. The photo is from the day I put it together. The open spaces are currently utilized much better. 😉

It’s got more space than I’ll ever need, it’s design is unique, and I barely spent $200 on it! I could have done even better if I dug around the AS-IS section.

~ Christopher Clemons, FLORDIA