Budget King-sized headboard with luggage storage

2 – 39″ Vika Amon table tops (black-brown)
1 – 74″ Lack wall shelf with hidden hardware (black-brown
4 – metal “patching” brackets
1 to 3 – 8″ X 10″ L-shaped wall brackets
2 – 1.5″ X 1.5″ wood posts
1 – 1″ X 4″ board

Assorted Screws:
lathe screws
wood screws
screws with drywall anchors

Drill with drill bits and screwdriver bits

Description: This hack was inspired by post “headboard fit for a King-sized bed.”

1. Lay the two table-tops face down and align them side-by-side, creating a 78″ long table-top.

2. Use the metal patching brackets to fasten the two table-tops together. Space the brackets over the lower 4/5 of the seam. Use the lathe screws to connect the brackets to the table-tops.
3. Center the hardware for the Lack Shelf on the seam along the top edge of the back of the table-top. The lower screw-holes will be above the hollow- cardboard filled center of the table-tops so use drywall anchor screws for those fastenings. Some of the holes will be on the solid outer border of the table-top and wood screws will work there.

4. Place the Lack shelf on its hardware and secure in place with the provided screws.
5. Cut the two 1.5″ X 1.5″ posts to the length necessary to achieve the desired height. I needed a 50″ high headboard, so my posts were about 26″ long.
6. Cut the 1″ X 4″ to a length that is about 12″ longer than the posts.
7. Aligning the bottom of the posts with the bottom of the 1″ X 4″ board and centering the posts on the 1″ X 4″ board, fasten together using wood screws or deck screws. This will create a t-shaped leg to support most of the headboard’s weight.

8. Fasten the legs to the headboard. Anchor screws will be needed for some of the fastening and wood screws will be need for the rest of the fastening.
9. Install the L-brackets on the wall to support the the Lack shelf and the rest of the headboard’s weight.

10. Place headboard and attach to wall-bracket.

~ Chelsea, Oklahoma City, OK

Jules Yap