Malm Lego play table

Materials: Two Malm 2-drawer dressers, two Lego building plates, saw, some screws, screwdriver, glue.

Description: We were designing a playroom for our kids, and I wanted to add an Lego play table. I had seen several, but I wanted…… to put less effort in it!

So I picked two old white Malm 2-drawer dressers. I pulled off the hardboard back plates and removed all remaining nails. Then I positioned the dressers back to back. From one of the hardboard plates I sawed two thin slices of wood that, with some screws, would fit perfectly as ‘tape’ to tape the dresser’s backs to eachother. Just position the wooden slices on the inside of the dressers and fasten them screws.

When you glue the Lego base boards on top and fill the drawers with lego, you’re done. You’ll be surprised how mach Lego (and Duplo) fits in four drawers!!!

~ Janine, Rotterdam