DIY Dog Window Seat IKEA Dresser HACK. Dogs love it!

I created a dog window seat so that they are able to sit and look out the window. As a base I used the MALM 6-drawer dresser as it was just the right height for our window.

diy dog window seat hack

My dogs love it! They just jump up on it.

If you have smaller dogs, you may want to add some dog steps up to the top.

diy dog window seat hack
IKEA item used:

MALM 6-drawer dresser


Upholstery Nails

DIY dog window seat

Firstly, I painted the dresser. This step is optional but I wanted it to flow with the rest of my living room decor.

Next, I cut a piece of plywood to fit the top of the dresser.

Then, using the plywood as a guide, I cut a piece of foam the same size as the plywood.

Then, I wrapped batting and fabric around to back side of the plywood and stapled down the edges.

To create tufts, I used upholstery nails hammered down through the fabric, batting and foam into the plywood. (Again, this is optional and the dogs won’t mind if it wasn’t tufted. But I like the look of tufted cushion.)

diy dog window seat hack

I can still use the drawers for regular storage.

What do you think of my DIY dog window seat?

~ by Lauren, Ohio

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