The Shabby Chic lamp makeover

lamppu71 733076
lamppu71 733076

Materials: Ekås shade, Rodd table lamb base, own craft accessories

My dried birthday roses from July were my inspiration to make this old Ikea light totally shabby chic. Otherwise I probably would have thrown it away, but this modification made the life cycle of this poor (and btw very inexpensive) thing a little longer.

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1)Do a little roughening to the lampstand with a sandpaper to get this mat black / silvery finish.

2)Collect different beige, golden and shabby stuff together to get inspired of the new looks. Go through your mom’s treasures – I’m sure she has kept at least some old curtain ribbons. 🙂 A huge part of my crafts accessories are actually from my (future)-mother-in-law.

2)The damaged edges of the lampshade can be hidden with a decorative ribbon.
You can attach it easily with a glue gun.

3)Finish the look with golden bow.
If the lampshade has any wrinkles this is a good opportunity to hide them (like I did).

4)Choose the cutest dried roses and glue them to the lampstand. Make the stand look softer by adding a twisted twine around it.

5)Make your bouquet even more sparse by adding some other attractive flowers or leaves to the composition.

6) Finally, glue another twine around the lampstand bottom.

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~ Kaisa, Helsinki, Finland

Jules Yap