Tiny MALM Shelf

Materials: MALM Nightstand

Description: Like many other IKEA enthusiasts, I have the MALM bed setup. I originally had 2 nightstands connected to my bed. Over time I felt like my bedroom was too cramped so I removed one nightstand. The leftover nightstand serves no utility without its bed attachment so I figured I’d try to make some use of it. My MALM nightstands are white but I’m sure this hack will look fine in any color.

Step 1) Detach the shelf by removing the 2 long screws behind the nightstand.

Step 2) Find the 2 screw grabbers located on the smaller piece of the shelf. Carefully drill 2 holes through that piece. Use the screw grabbers as a guide to make the holes equidistant from each other.

Step 3) Apply white (or any color) masking tape to cover the bare wood that’s visible once you detach the shelf.

Step 4) Hold the shelf against the wall where you want to put it. I recommend finding a beam to support the shelf’s weight. Make sure your shelf is level and pencil in 2 marks through the holes.

Step 5) Assuming your shelf will be supported by the wall, screw in 2 flat screws. You can even cover your screws with something that matches the paint of the shelf. I glued 2 paper circles to conceal the screws.

Step 6) Put something cool on your new shelf!

~ Wass Hammoud, Dearborn, MI