Upholstered Malm Console Table

Materials: Malm Console Table, staple gun, 4 yards of fabric, fabric glue, tack strip

Description: Cut fabric in half length-wise (so it is half of the 54-inch wide fabric). 27-inches perfectly covers the top and sides of the Malm table.

Lie fabric down flat on the floor, upside down, and place the Malm table upside down on top of the fabric.

Pull the fabric around the table tightly and begin stapling it around. You are leaving the “underside” of the table exposed for now.

After the fabric is affixed to the table, covering the outside, stand the table up correctly and begin covering the inside. You will make 3 separate panels (1 per leg and 1 for the center).

Lay the fabric upside down and place a tack strip over it, along the edge of the furniture. Staple the tack strip to the furniture. Then fold the fabric back over the tack strip.

On the other side, fold the fabric over the tack strip and glue it to the edge of the table. Make sure you pull it very tight so it is perfectly smooth. Repeat this process on all 3 interior sides of the table.

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~ Sarah, Charlotte, NC