Billy water meter cover

Materials: 1 Billy bookcase, 2 Billy Ydre doors, electric hand cutting tool

Remodeled my basement and didn’t have the budget to have a plumber re-route my water meter coming into the house.

Decided to early on I would use an IKEA piece to conceal the water meter and pipe. Went back and forth between Besta and Billy. Besta being deeper has more storage, but the end, Billy won. Less was more in my small room.

1) Cut notches into all the shelves and the top w/ muli-function electric cutting tool using the cutting blade.

2) Cut a deeper notch on each side panel for the molding as my floor molding was a couple inches higher then what the Billy has pre-cut.

3) Assembled bookcase as normal but skipped the back panel in order to slip bookcase over the pipe. (I used this later on a Expedit, double hack)

4) Secured flush to wall with bracket on the INSIDE, not the top, since there was not a back.

~ Kevin, St. Paul, MN